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Welcome to the KRI

The Kidney Research Institute is a collaboration between Northwest Kidney Centers and UW Medicine focused on developing early detection, prevention and treatment of kidney disease and its complications.

We bring together scientists in clinical medicine, pharmacology, genetics, pathology, psychology, education and physiology working closely with basic scientists in bioengineering, biochemistry, immunology, genomics and other disciplines.

Featured Stories

Research from Bryan Kestenbaum links heroin use in Pacific Northwest with AA-type kidney amyloidosis

New research results from Kidney Research Institute investigator Dr. Bryan Kestenbaum and colleagues show that heroin use in the Pacific Northwest is linked to a rare but incurable kidney disease. The results, published June 15 in the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology showed that, among 38 patients diagnosed with AA-type kidney amyloidosis, […]

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Robots in kidney research

“This is a new ‘secret weapon’ in our fight against disease,” says Beno Freedman, investigator at the Kidney Research Institute, about a robotic system that grows mini-organs from human stem cells. Congratulations to Beno and lead authors Stefan Czerniecki and Nelly Cruz from the Freedman Lab, and Jennifer Harder and colleagues at the University of […]

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NIH director speaks to Congress, uses our kidney-on-a-chip as example

“This is brand new, we wouldn’t have been able to do this a few years ago.” On April 11, NIH director Dr. Francis Collins used our kidney-on-a-chip to demonstrate the value of biomedical research to Congress. Click ‘read more’ to watch the clip (1:17 in video).

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News & Announcements

Winter 2018 Newsletter

Read our Winter 2018 newsletter for an update from our director and more information on Kidney Research Institute’s involvement with KidneyX.

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The ultimate advocate: Glenda V. Roberts featured in Microsoft article

We are thrilled to have Glenda V. Roberts as our new director of external relations and patient engagement! Read more about the Microsoft alum and her career achievements, journey with kidney disease and dedication to advocating on behalf of kidney patients.

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‘Organs-on-chips: Tiny technology helping bring safe new drugs to patients faster,’ authored by key investigators

Next year, our kidney-on-a-chip — a business card-sized device with human cells that mimic a live kidney — will head to the International Space Station. Read more about our kidney chips, their journey to space next year and how connecting them to other organs-on-chips could tell us more about the impact of drugs on the whole […]

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  • With your generous support, we will attack the big problems and focus on discovery and innovation.
  • Our promise is to be good stewards of your gift, and leverage every gift dollar into multiple dollars supporting kidney disease research.
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