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Molly M. Boll

Patient Advocate, Research Participant


Molly has 35 years of business experience, including 5 years on the Tax Staff at Grant Thornton, an International CPA firm, and over 23 years in the Alaska Seafood industry. She previously served as a Marketing Manager and Vice-President of Marketing for a Seafood Processing firm with revenues of over 75 million dollars. Molly has volunteered at UWMC Patient and Family Advisory Committee for 6 years, Resource Center Development Committee for 4 years, and the Diabetes Educational Committee for 2 years. She also participated in numerous Kidney and Diabetes Studies at UWMC. Molly taught Operations Management at City University’s Graduate School in Slovakia, and is a member of various church Finance Councils. As a person living with diabetic kidney disease, she’s dedicated to educating others about Diabetes and can be found teaching diabetes classes in her community.  She holds a B.A. in Accounting from Wright State University in Fairborn, Ohio and an MBA from Seattle’s City University.