Patient Advisory Committee

The PAC is a committee made up of 10 -12 local and national community members who represent varied backgrounds, experiences with kidney disease, interests, ethnicities, gender, and ages. As advocates for kidney research and patient care, they provide productive feedback to investigators and other nephrology professionals in order to continuously improve the communication between patients and doctors. Each year the KRI hosts an all-day meeting, inviting doctors, researchers, and other medical professionals within the UW Medicine community, to report and discuss their findings, progress, and goals for kidney research. The objective for hosting the Annual Patient Advisory Committee meeting is to enable our patient advisors to share their perspectives and experiences with the KRI staff and to help improve the functionality of innovations currently developed by faculty within the Division of Nephrology and to enhance the overall patient experience.

See photos of the May 2018 meeting of the Patient Advisory Committee below and bios for each of its current members further down the page.

Molly M. Boll

Patient Advocate, Research Participant

Kevin Fowler

President, The Voice of the Patient, Inc.

Nichole Jefferson

Patient and Community Advocate, Research Participant


Public Speaker, Community and Patient Activist

Sam M. Pederson

Past President, AAKP Board of Directors Transplant recipient, Community and Patient Advocate

Mat Risher

Patient Advocate and Community Activist

Glenda V. Roberts

Director of External Relations and Patient Engagement, Kidney Research Institute;
Director of External Relations and Patient Engagement, Center for Dialysis Innovation;
Chief Strategy and Operations Officer, Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Center for Transformative Research

Kidney Research Institute
University of Washington
Box 359606
325 9th ave
Seattle, WA 98104

P: 206-221-7532

F: 206-685-9399


Tami Sadusky

Transplant recipient, Community and Patient Advocate

Emmett Smith

Transplant recipient, Community and Patient Advocate

Roberta L. Wager, MSN, RN

MSN, RN, Nephrology Nurse Educator, CKD Outreach and Advocacy