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Why participate in research?

Research is the primary means by which medicine advances. Research helps us optimize patient care, create new medicines and devices, and make exciting advances towards preventions and cures. Participating in research today could make a huge difference in countless lives tomorrow. Research is not possible without willing volunteers, like you!

What we do

Our research team at the Kidney Research Institute studies many aspects of kidney diseases, including metabolism, genetics, and medications. Our studies try to determine the causes, diagnoses, and treatments of many kidney diseases, including dialysis. The following examples are just a few of our ongoing studies:

  • Using specialized monitoring to determine how much blood sugars vary in people who have diabetes and kidney disease
  • Measuring muscle functions to investigate reasons why chronic kidney disease leads to muscle loss
  • Developing new tests to help guide medication dosing for people who have lower kidney function
  • Comparing different treatments to improve low mood in dialysis patients.

How does it work?

Complete our 12-minute questionnaire that asks you about your kidney health, other health conditions, and the medications you take. Once you submit your responses, that’s it!

Our research team will assess your answers and try to best match you with one of our existing studies that is currently recruiting.

If you qualify for a study, our team will contact you to tell you more about it.
You are not obligated to participate in any study.

You might not match for any study now, but we will keep your information and consider you for our many planned future studies.

You may withdraw from the registry at any time.

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