Blossom Study

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What is the BLOSSOM study?

We want to understand how blood sugars change for people on dialysis. In the BLOSSOM Study, we are measuring blood sugars using new technology to look at patterns in blood sugar levels. By understanding how and when low and high blood sugars happen, we hope to help dialysis patients have more controlled blood sugars and feel better and safer. You do not have to have diabetes to participate. By joining, you can help change the future for many people.


1. Describe blood sugar patterns in dialysis patients

2. Figure out how often and how bad low blood sugar attacks are

3. Figure out what might cause unusual blood sugar levels in dialysis patients with diabetes and without diabetes

4. See whether blood sugar patterns relate to health problems like falls, infections, and heart problems

Who can join?

We want people from all walks of life, races, and age groups to give us the best and complete information.

🗸 Age: Older than 18 years

🗸 Are on dialysis; either in center, home, or peritoneal dialysis.

🗸 Able to speak English, Spanish, Vietnamese, or Chinese

What do I do once I’ve enrolled?

• Wear a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) for 10 days

• Wear a Fitbit for the same 10 days

• Complete questionnaires

• Provide a blood sample

•Let the research team follow your health through your medical records

Who do I contact for more information?

Please call or email Lisa Anderson at (206) 720-3831 or or

What are participants saying?

“I forgot I had it on most of the time!”

“it was easy to wear, streamlined, it survived many baths and showers unharmed.”

“The entire study process was simple and straightforward.”

“The CGM was easy to wear, even under a bathing suit. I swim every day and had no problems with it.”

od Sugar Sensing On Maintenance Dialysis