Glenda Roberts Recognized for Work in Kidney Health

Glenda V. Roberts, director of external relations and patient engagement of the Kidney Research Institute and Center for Dialysis Innovation, Division of Nephrology in the UW School of Medicine, is recognized for her work in kidney health.

ASN President’s Medal

Roberts received a President’s Medal from the American Society for Nephrology for her commitment to educating others who live with kidney disease. It is the highest honor the society can bestow.

The medal recognizes individuals who have made contributions, broadly defined, to the kidney community, and who are unlikely to be eligible for ASN’s other five awards. As a result, members of Congress, patients and other advocates have received the ASN President’s Medal in the past.

“Glenda’s influence as a national leader advocating for people living with kidney disease in every forum imaginable, is truly remarkable,” said Dr. Jonathan Himmelfarb, Founding Director of the Kidney Research Institute and Co-Director of the Center for Dialysis Innovation. “She has also been a great advocate for addressing the racial-ethnic disparities in kidney disease, and a lack of diversity in the kidney disease workforce, especially in physicians. So this is a wonderful and fully deserved honor. ”

Read more about Roberts and the award.

U.S. Presidential Volunteer Service Award





Dr. Jonathan Himmelfarb, founding director , and Glenda Roberts, director of external relations and patient engagement for the Kidney Research Institute, have been recognized by President Joseph R. Biden with U.S. Presidential Volunteer Service Awards. They both received gold medals.

In 2003, the President’s Council on Service and Civic Participation founded the President’s Volunteer Service Award to recognize the important role of volunteers in America’s strength and national identity. This award honors individuals whose service positively impacts communities in every corner of the nation and inspires those around them to take action, too. Read more about the award.

Accelerate Innovation Spokesperson

Roberts was also selected as the 2022 – 2023 Accelerate Innovation spokesperson for United 4 Kidney Health.  United 4 Kidney Health is an awareness-building initiative led by the American Society of Nephrology (ASN) to educate nephrologists, other kidney health professionals and scientists about the dramatic changes and new opportunities taking place in kidney care, research, and education, and enhance their professional development, and training.